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We work with many companies in the South east of England and offer an array of services that can help them secure the future for their owners, directors and staff.

As with our personal clients we take a very close look at the business and often can start the process with some proposals which can help save costs.

The next stage is to carry out a detailed assessments of what is required for the future and to assist our client in making these plans a reality.
We focus on the following financial areas;
  • Commercial Mortgages: if you are seeking to finance the purchase of land and/or buildings for your business, a commercial mortgage is likely to provide the most flexible and affordable financing solution.
  • Corporate Finance: having the right finances in place – and access to independent financial advice to help assess your project, explore your options and support your application – this can be crucial to helping a business develop and grow.
  • Shareholder Protection: a safety net following the loss of a shareholder through serious illness or death is essential for business stability and continuity. Shareholder protection can provide resources for the purchase of shares that might otherwise to go to family members, who would prefer a cash sum, or prevent the forced sale of shares to a third party.
  • Key Person Insurance: the sudden illness or death of someone crucial to a business can have a serious impact on its prospects for survival. Key person insurance can help an organisation survive their temporary or permanent loss, for example by using the proceeds to fund an expert replacement until the person recovers from illness.
  • Pension Planning: the pension arrangements of directors or partners in a business can play an important part in individual and corporate tax planning and can also be used as a source of loans and investment funding.
  • Group Pension Schemes: businesses also need to be thinking of the changes, already underway in 2012, when the phased introduction will begin of new requirements on employers to automatically enrol all eligible job holders into a qualifying workplace pension and to make minimum contributions.
  • Retirement Planning: many people’s business and personal lives are closely linked, so planning for the day when a director or partner wants to step aside is also likely to have implications for their personal retirement and estate planning.